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TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S

General information

Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S
Flæsketorvet 68.1
1711 København V
CVR nr.: 39328429
Telefon: 50332817
E-mail: hello@ohpops.dk


  1. General Terms

1.1. Definitions

'Buyer' is used below to refer to the individual primarily acting outside their profession, who, by placing an order with ‘Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S’, makes an offer to purchase and/or have products delivered.

'Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S' is used below to refer to the physical or legal entity that accepts the Buyer's order and sells the ordered items, and to the website (www.ohpops.dk).

1.2. Trading with Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S

The Buyer can trade with Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S in the following way:

  • Order items and subscription products via the website (www.ohpops.dk)

1.3. Product Information

All essential characteristics of the products are described on www.ohpops.dk. For further information or questions, inquiries can be directed to hello@ohpops.dk

1.4. Delivery Time

For purchases of products via the online shop at www.ohpops.dk, orders will be dispatched within 1-3 business days. If the order contains products that Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S does not have in stock, customer service will contact the buyer

1.5. Payment

The account information that the Buyer enters when purchasing products will be transmitted directly to the payment provider (e.g., Mobilepay, Quickpay, Shopify, Stripe) in encrypted form (SSL), which only the Buyer and Nets have access to. Thus, no one else, including Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S has access to this information or stores it. When purchasing with Dankort or a credit card, the amount is only debited from the Buyer's account when the item is dispatched by Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S

1.6. Transfer of Risk

The risk of the ordered items being lost or damaged due to accidental circumstances passes to the Buyer only at the time when the ordered products come into the Buyer's possession.

1.7. Complaints

In accordance with the Sale of Goods Act, Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S

provides a warranty from the time the item is received. The warranty does not cover defects, damage, or wear and tear directly or indirectly resulting from improper use, inadequate maintenance, or other negligent actions.

The warranty covers the possibility of exchanging the products or refunding the money depending on the specific situation. This is, of course, subject to the condition that the complaint is justified.

If the Buyer wishes to exercise the right to complain, the original receipt must be sent by email to hello@ohpops.dk or can also be sent physically to the following address:

Head Office:

Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S

Flæsketorvet 68.1

1711 Copenhagen V

It is also possible to deliver the receipt in person. The Buyer must include a detailed description of the problem and return the specific product. The product must always be sent in proper packaging, and it is recommended that the Buyer obtains a receipt for the shipment so that Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S has the opportunity to refund the shipping costs. Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S does not accept packages sent cash on delivery or similar methods.

In the case of complaints about defects, the Buyer is obliged to complain within a reasonable time after the Buyer has or should have discovered the defect, pursuant to Section 81 of the Sale of Goods Act. If this does not happen, the Buyer will lose the right to invoke the defect.

1.8. Liability and Guarantee

Relevant information about Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S can be obtained from websites not owned by Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S through various links. These websites are beyond the control of Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S

Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S cannot be held responsible for the content on these sites. Information about the ordered products from such websites is not part of the description of the ordered products in the agreement between the Buyer and Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S.

1.10. Reservation of Changes

 Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S reserves the right to change and update these terms and conditions, so it is important for the Buyer to stay informed about any changes.

1.11. Misuse

Misuse of www.ohpops.dk will result in a police report.

1.12. Cookies

www.ohpops.dk uses cookies. For further information, please refer to  Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S cookie and privacy policy.

1.13. Complaints Procedure

A complaint about a purchase from Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S

can be submitted to Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S

Flæsketorvet 68.1, 1711 Copenhagen V


Special for Subscribers

2.1. Agreement and Subscription

The following terms and conditions apply, as a supplement to the general terms and conditions, specifically to agreements entered into between the Buyer and Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S in relation to the purchase of a subscription on www.ohpops.dk 

The purchase of a subscription is considered binding upon the Buyer's confirmation of the subscription purchase. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the Buyer thoroughly reads these terms and conditions.

When the Buyer subscribes to Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S subscription, it will be a personal subscription.

2.2. Prices and Order Confirmations

The price of the subscription will vary depending on the type of subscription the Buyer selects. After the Buyer has ordered a subscription, Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S will send an order confirmation via email.

Subscriptions may be offered with a discount as part of campaigns or based on specific agreements. The discount will generally apply as an introductory discount and will, therefore, expire or gradually phase out after the initial subscription period, unless otherwise agreed.

2.3. Payment and Right of Withdrawal

When the Buyer orders items on a subscription via www.ohpops.dk the first payment will be made immediately. In connection with this, the Buyer accepts that the subscription will automatically renew at the price and frequency specified until the subscription is terminated or canceled.

After the payment has been completed, the Buyer will receive a payment confirmation via email. With each monthly payment, the Buyer will receive such a payment confirmation when the amount is deducted.

The Buyer has a 14-day right of withdrawal for the subscription. This means that the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the agreement entered into without providing a reason within 14 days. The right of withdrawal is calculated from the time of the purchase. See section 1.9. for further information regarding the right of withdrawal.

2.4. Duration and Termination

The subscription is without binding, automatically renews, and thus continues until it is terminated. The Buyer is entitled to terminate the subscription at any time with 7 days' notice at the end of a month.

Subscriptions must be terminated using the termination form.

2.5. Complaints

The Buyer has the right and the opportunity to make complaints about the subscription agreement if the Buyer believes that the agreement does not meet what was agreed upon, promised, or assumed. See section 1.7. for further information regarding complaints.

2.6. Default

In the event of payment default, where Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S, for example, cannot withdraw the amount from the payment account established in the subscription, Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S is entitled to withhold further deliveries or parts thereof without incurring any liability.

Furthermore, Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S is entitled to terminate the defaulted subscription agreement after one payment obligation has been defaulted.

In case a payment cannot be executed, Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S will send reminder email(s) stating that the amount could not be withdrawn and that the Buyer must rectify the situation. Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S will attempt to withdraw the amount up to 6 times before taking any default steps.

2.7. Transfer of Subscription

Transfer of the subscription to another person can only be done in its entirety and with the prior permission of Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S

In the event of a transfer of Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S shares (change of ownership), the subscription will not be terminated automatically but will continue under the same terms.

2.8. Changes

Ohpops! Functional Foods A/S reserves the right to change terms and conditions, including prices and product content, if deemed necessary.

Significant changes will be notified via email 14 days before they take effect. During the notification period, the Buyer can freely terminate the subscription.