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Ohpops Guidance

At Ohpops we strongly believe that all food should come with a bit of guidance. The human body is a complex, finely-tuned machine that relies on daily nutrients to keep it going strong every day. 


You can tailor your daily intake of pops, but we suggest starting with 5 pops, twice a day!


Recommended daily intake from 12 years of age.

Day 1-4  

 2 x 5 pops daily

Day 5-8  

 2 x 8 pops daily

Day 9-12   

 2 x 10-12 pops daily

 If you feel the need, you can even enjoy them three times a day. 


Recommended daily intake for children aged 1 to 12 years of age.

Age: 1-2    

 2 x 2 pops daily

Age: 2-5

 2 x 4 pops daily

Age: 6-9

 2 x 8 pops daily

Age: 10-12

 2 x 8-10 pops daily

Guidelines recommended by dietician Stina Dannerfjord.


Personalising Your Ohpops Experience

While you’re free to roll with more pops than our recommendation, remember to stay in tune with your body. We know that some people prefer keeping a diary to monitor and help to remind your gut.