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Crafted with Love for Nutrient-Packed Plants

We're passionate about the nutritious energy and nourishment that plants provide. That's why we've chosen the finest organic ingredients for Ohpops – we don't compromise, when it comes to your well-being.

We puffed a high-fiber snack to fuel your day, a snack you happily would share with your loved ones. We have handpicked three organic ingredients that complement each other perfectly, resulting in a snack with a nutritional profile that's second to none.

Ohpops will give you something to chew on - quite literally!

When we chew our food thoroughly, we're kickstarting a complex process. Chewing stimulates the production of digestive enzymes, which benefits our entire digestive system, our body becomes more adept at absorbing essential nutrients, and the food will move more seamlessly through your digestive system, from start to finish.

Our 3 power plants! 

  • Gluten-Free Wholegrain Flour

    Gives Groovy Vibes & loving movements. 

    At the heart of our pops you’ll find organic whole-grain oats. They have been treated with care in a gentle process to ensure they retain their full nutritional profile, including the essential digestible and indigestible dietary fibers. The indigestible fibers can not be broken down by our body's enzymes, instead they pass undigested through our small intestine to the large intestine.

    There, the fibers undergo a beneficial bacterial fermentation process providing energy to the large intestine's cells and producing various short-chain fatty acids. Imagine gourmet cuisine for our large intestine! 

  • Pea Protein, Nature's Ancient Grain

    But still a gut-mover

    Pea protein is a rising star across various food categories. We've chosen it for Ohpops due to its gentle profile, making it suitable even for the most delicate digestive systems and ensuring a smooth journey through our digestive tract

  • Hemp Protein - Nature's Superhero

    Hemp is a remarkable plant with numerous benefits.

    Hemp protein is packed with nutrients and serves as a rich source of dietary fibers, similar to oats. It also hosts healthy fatty acids, and even though we've pressed the oil out of our hemp protein, you can still enjoy the benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 acids.

Proteins & Amino Acids

The Body's Essential Building Blocks

Both brown pea and hemp proteins are easily digestible, high in protein, and carry strong amino acid profiles. They are allergy-friendly, making them suitable for individuals prone to allergies.

By combining these three ingredients, we ensure a complete amino acid profile – all 20 essential amino acids. When we created Ohpops, one of our goals was to develop a snack that contains all 20 amino acids. Through our unique blend of three plants, Ohpops archives just that!

Proteins are fundamental molecules in our bodies. They serve as an energy source and perform vital functions such as tissue repair, facilitating growth (especially crucial for children), combating diseases, and transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the bloodstream. To carry out these functions, proteins rely on another essential molecule called amino acids, which serve as their building blocks.

In total, there are 20 different types of amino acids, with 8 (9 for kids) of them classified as "essential" because our bodies can't produce them independently. Thus, it's essential that we obtain these 8 amino acids through our diet.

Now, back to proteins. Think of them as various building structures, with amino acids as the pieces that combine to create these structures. When your body receives a diverse range of amino acids, it can construct multiple types of protein structures, each with distinct functions and properties. So, the greater the variety of amino acids available to your body, the more functions and possibilities it has.


Wholegrain Oat flour Havremel* (gluten-free),
Pea protein* & Hemp protein*

* Organic ingredients

** Reference daily intake of an avarage adult ( 8400 KJ / 2000 kcal)

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