Opret abonnement og få fri forsendelse


Good bacterias are essential for healthy gut

  • Experiment with new foods and recipes to introduce diverse nutrients into your gut microbiome. Eating a wide range of plant-based foods can increase the diversity of the gut microbiome
  • Eating fermented foods can be a flavorful adventure, and a nostalgic culinary experience. Dive into the tanginess of sauerkraut, dance with the zing of kimchi and sourdough bread and relish the earthy notes of tempeh. These fermented delights introduce a lively ensemble of beneficial bacteria to your gut microbiome.
  • Elevate your plate with the unsung heroes that nourish your gut from within. Consume vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables, taste the hearty goodness of whole grains, and enjoy the wholesome richness of beans. These fiber-rich wonders work behind the scenes, nourishing the healthy gut bacterias that live in your gut, by making them stronger. 

How to Maintain a Healthy Gut Microbiome

  • Revitalize your gut by embracing movement! Regular exercise, especially outdoors, works wonders for your gut health,  promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • Boost your gut microbiome with quality rest - A secret ingredient to improve the immune system and reduce stress. It's more than just a bedtime routine, it's the foundation for a harmonious gut environment.
  • Stress can disrupt your bacterial balance and gut harmony. Embrace meditation and deep breathing to soothe stress hormones, and bring calm to your nervous system.

So to sum up, be a food adventurer!

Don’t be shy from new tastes! But try new recipes and have fun! Your taste buds might not always agree, but trust us, your gut will be throwing confetti in joy!