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  • Kids-Friendly Crunch

    A delightful, crunchy snack that's perfect for the kids' lunchboxes. 

  • Goodbye Sugar Cravings

    The ideal snack to strike those afternoon sugar cravings.

  • On-The-Go POPS

    The high-fullness factor, helping to curb hunger on the go.

  • My daughter, just 5 years old, has struggled with constipation since she was 9 months old. After she began using Ohpops, she switched to daily visits to the bathroom, all in under a week.

    Its been a huge transformation,  not only physical but also emotional. Now, she's bouncing with energy and her stomach pain is gone… Such a relief!   


  • I’ve been eating Ohpops since November 2021. In the beginning I experimented with different dosages, but I’ve found my ideal routine: 12 in the morning and 12 in the evening. It works really well for me.

    On the few occasions, when I’ve temporarily run out of Ohpops, I’ve noticed a distinct difference in my energy levels and my bathroom visits get more unstable. 

    Fares, 62

  • I’ve been eating Ohpops since the beginning of 2023. In the beginning I was a bit unsure about the dosage, so I spent a few weeks getting it right.
    Today I consume 10 Ohpops in the morning and evening, and some days, I’ll have an additional 8-10 Ohpops in the afternoon to satisfy my sugar cravings. 

    My Stomach is more at peace, and I can't imagine being without them! I

    Karina, 35

Happy Tummy Bliss

  • ★★★★★

    “I used to suffer from constant tummy aches and low energy. In just four days, Ohpops changed my life, making my tummy feel right and filling me with newfound vitality.”

    Emma, 25
  • ★★★★★

    “My digestive system was a mess due to constipation, and only a few weekly trips to the bathroom. My life has transformed into having a well-functioning gut with Ohpops.”

    Signe, 52
  • ★★★★★

    “Without Ohpops, my tummy doesn't cooperate, and my energy wanes. Ohpops has been my lifeline, turning my life around. ”

  • ★★★★★

    “"I've struggled for years, but in just three weeks of embracing Ohpops, I've felt more energetic, my tummy's at peace, and my skin's glowing."”

    Simone, 32
  • ★★★★★

    “My daughter had been using Movicol for years due to stomach pains. We tried Ohpops, within just 3 days, with 2 x 5 pops everyday, her stomach stop hurting and she no longer needed Movicol. We're so happy that we were introduced to the Ohpops team, who gave us the opportunity to test the product back in November 2021. Since then we havn't missed a single day of eating ohpops.”

    Abu Zainab, 62