Welcome to the new world of
plant based Pops by ole!


ohpops! started as a crazy idea in my small farmhouse north of the Danish capital Copenhagen. Little did I know that the coming 3 years was going to be spend researching in healthier snacking and nerdy nutrition. 

I brought in FMCG Gurus to help from a consultative approach and from that moment I felt sure about the direction for my snacking project -the plant-based snack way. Rooban from FMCG Gurus talked passionately about sustainability, plant protein, few ingredients, clean label, transparence and to give the consumers a good choice of a vegan snack without compromising taste.

The direction for the journey of the ohpops! was clear and now after more than 200 production tests, I have developed a product with only 4 ingredients combined with different delicious flavors. 

A plant-based crunchy protein snack, high in fiber and organic, vegan, gluten free and free from preservatives and other additives. 


-Ole, Founder


Popping 42% of our snack is from protein and fibre and that`s the reason why you will have the high fullness feeling after finishing just 20g. of ohpops! When a product is high in fat and sugar and lower in protein and fibre you´re able to eat much more.

Significant snack because..

Our protein snack is a sustainable, plant-based snack with a significant range of vitamins and minerals all of which are healthy essential components for the body. The snack contains several components that are vital in the health sense and important building blocks for the body without containing a lot of energy, this is why Ohpops! can be considered a healthy snack on the go. The carbohydrate content is 34g/100g and it is by far predominantly primarily complex carbohydrates without added sugar.

Transparent and a clean label:

No additives/ No preservatives / Soy free / Dairy free / Gluten free 

Clean label ingredients / All Natural / Few ingredients / Organic / Clean label processing technologies / Transparency 

our promise

We will always be transparent about our product and processes, and we will give you a clean label product with a short ingredients list. On our website you will have easy access to all the information you need. Our hope is that you will enjoy your ohpops! snacking moments, and that you always speak the ugly truth. We care about ugly and we care about truth.

our suppliers

Certified organic production, secured quality control in every part of the chain. The pea and hemp protein are made by cold pressing, the oat is made traditionally (harvest, drying and milling). 

All-natural processes.